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If you are looking for small business computer and cloud based web services, contact SBC at 512-964-9856, and find out about developing an information strategy for your business.

Desktop and Laptop Hardware Repair, Software Installation and Configuration

SBC is excited to provide quality, dependable, desktop and laptop repair, to small business owners and home-based entrepreneurs. Repairs are conducted in an accurate, efficient, and cost effective manner. Though the primary concern is getting the repairs done right, SBC values your time, and will not spend it with unnecessary diagnostics that don’t yield practical results.


Proprietary Third-Party Business Database Software Installation (Accounting, Dental, POS, etc.)

SBC Clients can count on Proprietary, Small Business Application platforms that run smoothly and consistently on MS-Windows workstation and server operating systems, and local network platforms. SBC verifies that 3rd party, proprietary, business software, written specifically for their industry, will operate within the proper parameters. This is achieved by careful planning and research, prior to an installation or upgrade, to ensure that the network software and hardware meets and exceeds the minimum technical performance requirements published by the proprietary software manufacturer. For additional quality assurance, SBC contacts the technical support department for the software vendors, to obtain further verification of the requirements, technical specifications, and known issues, and that the software vendor has provided patches or service packs to address them. SBC applies this procedure, before, during, and after any network software installation and SBC project management and installation fees are always well below market rates.


Practical, Affordable, Website and Organic Marketing for Small Business

If your a small business just starting out or an established organization that needs a stronger web presence, SBC Web Services provides Organic Marketing designed to meet the needs of an individual consultant or company with a limited budget. SBC formulates affordable, practical, mobile, and effective web marketing solutions for small business owners. From setting up the initial Social Network infrastructure, building your online business profiles, and training you on the techniques and tools you need, SBC will be there during every step of the process and beyond. The end result is a solid Web presence for your small business at a low cost. Its not necessary to be a DIY specialist to partner with SBC, but making individual entrepreneurs more independent is a prime objective. With no recurring charges, SBC specializes in teaching and supporting individuals to create the online business that meets their needs. Some of the SBC Web Services include: WordPress Websites, Social Networking, SEO, Local Search, Specialized Industry and B2B Platforms, Business Search Listings, Client Review Sites, etc.


SBC Remote Computer Repair and Cloud Diagnostic Service

SBC Remote Computer Repair is a streamlined solution for a small business owner, or home-based entrepreneur, who struggles with time and travel distance, logistic challenges of onsite computer service, software installation and configuration, or proprietary cloud application profile setup. SBC can help solve these problems with remote computer service, and cloud diagnostic and profile configuration. With simple, secure, and private remote software client access, SBC can save time, and money with this easy solution that doesn’t require you to go out of your way, or wait for a technician to arrive at your location, in order to achieve the same effective resolution to your computing issues. If an onsite visit is eventually needed, SBC can resolve the preliminary issues, perform diagnostics, and make preparation for the onsite visit, during the remote session. Any cost incurred for the remote session, will be deducted and incorporated into the onsite visit cost as one package, for further cost savings. SBC remote computer service is secure, efficient, convenient and private.


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Services Include:

  •  Desktop Computer, 2-in-one Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Repair
  •  Hardware and Software Installation and Configuration
  •  Remote and Cloud-based Support, Diagnostics, and Repair
  •  Smart Phone and Tablet Digitizer, and Laptop LCD/LED Screen Replacement
  •  Network Servers and Local Network Devices, Plan, Procure, Setup, Support
  •  Proprietary All-in-One Copier/Printer setup for Scan to Email and Remote, etc.
  •  Ethernet Cabling for Offices -Cat 5e, 6, 7 , Switches, Ethernet Jacks/Plugs
  •  VOIP, Digital/Analog Phone Systems/PBX and 110 Patch Panel and Punchdown
  •  RJ-45 Ethernet Cat5e and 6, RJ-11 Phone and RG6 Coax Wiring
  •  Wireless Router Installation (AD, AC, N, G)
  •  Internet Services & Email Client Setup
  •  Main OS Repair, Restore, and Data Recovery
  •  Operating System and Driver Install  (Windows, Linux, etc)
  •  Proprietary Multiuser Database Software (i.e. Accounting, Dental, etc.)
  •  Anti-Malware, Ant-ivirus, Anti-Spyware and Other Security Measures
  •  Project Management, Organic Digital Marketing, Affordable Web Sites

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