SBC complies with all Social Distancing and Sanitary Hygiene protocols as outlined by the CDC, NIH, THHS, and other Federal and State Government Agency guidelines, when performing onsite IT services for Business Clients in Austin and Central Texas. This includes sanitizing computers, tools and equipment, with quality, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds, prior to, during, and when leaving Client Business Sites and also wearing an N95 medical grade face-mask when working in enclosed areas.

SBC is well suited to perform work during Covid-19 restrictions set down by the above mentioned agencies. After Remote sign-up and work-orders are completed, onsite work is performed after hours, when the Client Offices are empty of personnel, or with safe and sanitized, curbside pickup and drop-off of computer systems with the same fee structure. Web Development and Small Business Online Infrastructure setup can be performed remotely, as well as some computer and network services, through the use of remote client and cloud platforms. SBC is committed to serving existing and New Clients safely and effectively during the Covid-19 period and beyond.