Repair Services & Project Management

If you are looking for Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or Laptop repair, or any type of technology or marketing assistance for your small business, give SBC a call at 512-964-9856.  Small Business Consulting, (located in Austin), can assist you in your endeavors and help you formulate the right strategy for your business. For more info, click Here

Services Include:

  •  Desktop PC & Laptop Repair
  •  Server Hardware & Software Installation
  •  Remote PC Support, Diagnostics, and Repair
  •  Smart Phone Repair, Tablet Digitizer Screen Fix
  •  Laptop LCD/LED Screen Replacement
  •  Laptop Power Jack Installation
  •  Local Area Network and Printer Setup
  •  Cat 5e, 6, 7 Ethernet Cabling for Office Spaces
  •  Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Jacks/Plugs
  •  VOIP Cloud Based, Digital Cable, Analog PBX Phone Systems
  •  110 Patch Panel, and 66-Block Punchdown Install
  •  IP, PnP, and RG59 Security Camera Installation
  •  RJ-45 Ethernet Cat5e, 6, 7 patch panel cable wiring
  •  RJ-11 Phone and RG6 Coax Cable Wiring
  •  AD, AC, N, Wireless Router Installation
  •  Internet & Email Setup (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail)
  •  Operating System Repair, Restore, and Data Recovery
  •  Windows, Mac, Linux Operating System Installation
  •  Proprietary Professional Multi-user Database Software Install, Configure, and Support (i.e. Accounting, Dental, Personnel, Cloud, Digital Phones, etc.)
  •  Antivirus, Anti Spyware and Security
  •  Affordable Web Services, WordPress Websites, URL Crawl Verification, SSL Certificates, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Web Admin Host Provider, etc.


SBC Onsite Service

SBC performs onsite and offsite services for business and residential Clients

SBC Can Provide a wide range of Services for Small Business

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