Repair Services & Project Management

If you are looking for Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or Laptop repair, or any type of technology or marketing assistance for your small business, give SBC a call at 512-964-9856.  Small Business Consulting, (located in Austin), can assist you in your endeavors and help you formulate the right strategy for your business. For more info, click Here

Services Include:

  •  Desktop PC & Laptop Repair
  •  Server Hardware & Software Installation
  •  Remote PC Support, Diagnostics, and Repair
  •  Smart Phone Repair, Tablet Digitizer Screen Fix
  •  Laptop LCD/LED Screen Replacement
  •  Laptop Power Jack Installation
  •  Local Area Network and Printer Setup
  •  Cat 5e, 6, 7 Ethernet Cabling for Office Spaces
  •  Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Jacks/Plugs
  •  VOIP, Digital/Analog Phone Systems/PBX and
  •  110 Patch Panel and 66-Block Punchdown Install
  •  IP, PnP, and RG59 Security Camera Installation
  •  RJ-45 Ethernet Cat5e and 6,
  •  RJ-11 Phone and RG6 Coax Cable Wiring
  •  AD, AC, N, Wireless Router Installation
  •  Internet & Email Setup
  •  Operating System Repair, Restore, and Data Recovery
  •  Windows, Mac, Linux Operating System Installation
  •  Proprietary Professional Multiuser Database Software Install and Configure (i.e. Accounting, Dental, Personnel, etc.)
  •  Antivirus, Anti Spyware and Security
  •  Affordable Web Sites, SEO, SEM, and Digital Marketing


SBC Onsite Service

SBC performs onsite and offsite services for business and residential Clients

SBC Can Provide a wide range of Services for Small Business

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